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Kimberly Carpin, MD Plastic Surgery provides the perfect combination of leading-edge plastic surgery techniques and superior patient care in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Dr. Carpin is Houston’s mommy makeover specialist and can help you regain a natural-appearing and pre-pregnancy silhouette. This procedure includes breast surgery and a tummy tuck to rejuvenate a women’s body after childbirth. Childbirth stretches the breast and abdominal tissues resulting in sagging of the breast and flabby abdominal skin. Diet and exercise may improve some of the appearances, but only surgery can remove the extra skin that remains. The abdominal muscles become weak after pregnancy, and a tummy tuck tightens the muscles back together giving you a slim, tight waistline.

A mommy makeover may include:

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates are healthy women who are at least 9 -12 months’ post pregnancy and completed breastfeeding. Patients should be at their ideal body weight before proceeding with surgery.

Mommy makeover Results

A mommy makeover restores your pre-baby body in a single surgery to minimize the downtime. View Mommy Makeover before and after pictures on our Photo Gallery!


Mothers will need at least one to two weeks of help around the house and with children. Most patients begin driving and return to work on light duty after one to two weeks. You will be sore and unable to do the heavy lifting for 4 weeks, on average. Light exercise can begin by 3 to 4 weeks, and at 6 weeks for heavy exercise. Swelling can take 3 to 6 months to completely resolve.

mommy makeover Cost

The cost will depend on what procedures you need to achieve your pre-baby look. Dr. Carpin will assess your needs and give you a customized surgery plan to achieve your goals. The average price is around $11,000-$15,000. Patients will have reduced fees when multiple procedures are scheduled at the same time.


mommy makeover houston tx

Do I have to be finished having children to have a mommy makeover?
Dr. Carpin recommends that you have no future plans for pregnancy. Your results will last longer. Pregnancy after a mommy makeover is possible, but you may notice recurrent skin laxity or sagging of the breasts.
How soon can I have sex after mommy makeover surgery?
I recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after surgery to begin gentle sexual intercourse. More rigorous activity is safe around 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carpin to discuss if you are a surgical candidate, and to review the risks, benefits, alternatives, and expected outcomes of a Mommy Makeover. Dr. Carpin performs the mommy makeover surgery in the Houston, League City and Pearland Texas areas. Call us today (281) 333-4600!

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