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Dr. Carpin specializes in Plastic Surgery and completed a highly competitive 6- year integrated Plastic Surgery training program at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She’s expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and offers comprehensive treatment in body, face, breast and skin care. She’s personable and will give you an honest and safe plan to meet your cosmetic goals. She is committed to giving you the best results.

Dr. Carpin was trained by top physicians in the field of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. After completion of her residency, Dr. Carpin advanced her training in Aesthetic Surgery as a visiting physician in Germany, gaining an international perspective. She is married to a Plastic Surgeon and together they have 2 children. She enjoys art, exercising, and most of all spending time with her children. She also keeps her reconstructive skills challenged by serving the community as a specialist for traumatic injuries at the local trauma hospital.

“I love doing Plastic Surgery because I can immediately see and make a positive change in someone’s life. I want my patients to feel confident in their own skin.”

Dr. Carpin Q and A:

What makes you unique?
Being both female and a surgeon, I tend to be more empathetic and spend more time with my patients. You will spend the most time with ME during your consultation, surgery and post-operative care, compared to other surgeons. I am always accessible to my patients after surgery. Finally, I also offer comprehensive plastic surgery. My patients can return to me year after year, to serve their needs.
What is your favorite surgery?
What I love about plastic surgery is that I can improve someone from head to toe. We are trained to be able to reconstruct or restore any part of the body. I truly enjoy performing all the different types of surgery. I love the variety plastic surgery offers, and the creativity each surgery offers.

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