Scar Removal

Unsightly scars can make you feel uncomfortable or unattractive. Scar revision is performed to improve the appearance of scars.

How does it work?

Every scar treatment is approached differently, but the overall goal is the same. To create a thin, well concealed and less painful scar.
Scar treatments range from surgical excision, laser therapy, microneedling, or steroid injections. The final goal is to create a less noticeable scar, but unfortunately a scar can never be completely removed.

How do I take care of the new scar?

A silicone gel or silicone adhesive strip may be applied to the scar to help soften the scar and minimize its appearance. Silicone treatments should continue for about 6 to 8 weeks. The scar should also be shielded from sunlight, or have sunscreen application during its first year when it is sensitive to darkening. If the scar appears to be worsening, please let Dr. Carpin know so she can start additional scar therapy.


Can I completely remove a scar?
Unfortunately, a scar can only fade, but never completely be removed.
Does insurance cover scar removal?
In most cases, insurance will not cover scar removal.
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